HOMDY ensures a full service pack for professional property management for short and long-term rentals. Choosing us you win:

  • An entirely customized approach tailored to your property management needs and your guest preferences in particular. You can test it today by sending us an
  • A 100% reliable service via 24/7 connection with our international team.
  • A professional presence both as a platform adviser and as a local host.

We can help you transform your property into an Airbnb place by focusing on your real needs, flat and location in Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Burgas.

Apart from its advantages per se, short-term property management is the perfect solution for people living abroad or for people willing to make an investment in property purchase.
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With our service, the main stages of your short-term rental would include:


  • Bringing your property in line with the Airbnb requirements and meeting your guest expectations. We can help you with interior design advice, professional photographer service and marketing.
  • Developing your profile and listing for We can assure your text copy and photographs to advertise your property for rent. We can build your Airbnb profile and help you set dynamic pricing based on our price analysis.
  • Actual launch of services. We install your self-service check-in service. Additionally, we arrange first professional cleaning of your property and we deliver bed linen and consumables on site to help you meet your first guests.
  • We take care of all supplementary details for you to launch your renting. For example, we prepare Rules for Using the Property and we equip you with things such as a Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit, which is an entirely personalized service.


  • We enhance the safety of your property visits. Before you confirm each visit, we make an extensive research of your future guests’ profiles. In this way, we can reduce the risks that you are visited by an unwanted type of tourists.
  • Current maintenance – following each visit we ensure a professional cleaning service and we change your bed sheets, towel and consumables.
  • Guest service – both before and during the visit we provide your guests with a complete organizational and communication support. We can further ensure a 24/7 connection with an English-speaking person from our team.
  • A guide – in order to best meet your Airbnb customer needs, in particular the ones who are looking for unique local experience, we ensure an individual local guide, with whom your guests can do their sightseeing accompanied by a local.
  • Additional services – depending on our customer preference, we can provide you with further personalized services such as an airport transfer and others.


  • Optimization of the Airbnb listing – considering the dynamics and competitiveness of the Airbnb property market, with this service we can ensure that your listing remains competitive.
  • Recommendations – in our view, a visit cannot be completed without your guest sharing his impressions. That is why, we collect your guest recommendations which we can further use as a reference for attracting new tourists.

With our full-service pack, the better way of renting your apartment is in your hands!


HOMDY offers prices which are entirely in line with the specifics of the Bulgarian market. Further, our prices consider the peculiarities of the local property market in the cities we are present.

We do not charge neither a high entry fee, nor a commission which equals a quarter of your monthly income. Our business model is based on a small subscription fee, whose size is dependent on:

  • The number of guest visits you have had;
  • The subscription plan you have chosen.

This way of work enables you to plan both your monthly and your annual income and expenses. Our prices are open, predictable and competitive. Setting your clear expectations, with our subscription packages you will get:

  • A preliminary defined pack of services, which you can always expand;
  • Annual service with no fee changes during peak periods;
  • A predictable monthly income which can allow you to make your planning.

The table below presents our different service pack for our Airbnb PROPERTY MANAGEMENT services.

We charge 50% the size of the first rent for our MONTHLY RENTAL services.


from 60lv

  • Market research

  • Professional photographs

  • Installing a self-service check-in system

  • Initial professional cleaning

  • Setting up you Airbnb / account


from 18%
of monthly income 

  • Customer communication

  • Account maintenance

  • Optimization of prices
  • Consumables service

  • Checking-in via the self-service check-in system

* The package does not include a cleaning and laundry fee after each visit. These fees may be covered by the tourists.

**Additional fees may be negotiated individually since they are entirely personalized. The individual welcoming of guests upon guest arrival is charged with a flat rate of BGN 25 per person.

*** The packages does not include expenses which may be related to property maintenance and repair.

For further information or enquiries, please get in touch with us.

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