We are a small but dynamic team with vivid team spirit. We have more than seven years of successful experience from the service delivery sector in the UK. Based on this, we are happy to transfer the best practices and models we have mastered.

We are people who make business and lifestyle travels often! This is how we got to know the Airbnb  visitor expectations really well as we have experienced the service during traveling abroad.

We created HOMDY to the benefit of the hosts of properties in Bulgaria so that they can have a quality and easy access to the best global travel platforms. We believe that this empowers hosts to manage their short and long-term rentals in a more knowledgeable and competitive manner.


Based on our successful business experience from the household service sector in the UK, with HOMDY we can take part in the vibe of the new shared economy by:

  • Advertising your properties in the global booking platformsto attain better and continuous income;
  • Meeting the foreign tourist expectations, as for example is the presence of a self-service check-in system;
  • Freeing our hosts from the whole documentary, organizational and communication burden of running a rental business.


HOMDY’s vision is to support the contemporary host in meeting the high expectation of the tourist in the global shared economy. It does so by professional property management service and high degree of customer experience.

HOMDY’s mission is to ensure professional, reliable and accessible conditions for short and long-term rentals.

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Matching our expert and professional standards, our work is based on a set of shared values which we embody in our work in every single project.

  • Team culture – we always act as a team. We rely on each other and our diverse team experience in order to attain an overall and complex service.
  • Punctuality – being punctual in our relationships with all participants of the rental process is underpinning our work.
  • Reliability – we organize our work in such a way that we can always be at your disposal when you need us.
  • Relevant communication – we reply to your inquiries in a fast, efficient and practical manner as we further provide you with contacts for continuous connection with us.
  • Professionalism – every single detail of our activity is performed by proven professionals, having a minimum of five years of experience in their field.
  • Responsibility –with us you can rest assured that your flat will be managed well.

Should you be willing to get first-hand impression from our team and service delivery, please get in touch for a talk or appointment today.

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