HOMDY offers prices which are entirely in line with the specifics of the Bulgarian market. Further, our prices consider the peculiarities of the local property market in the cities we are present.

We do not charge neither a high entry fee, nor a commission which equals a quarter of your monthly income. Our business model is based on a small subscription fee, whose size is dependent on:

  • The number of guest visits you have had;
  • The subscription plan you have chosen.

This way of work enables you to plan both your monthly and your annual income and expenses. Our prices are open, predictable and competitive. Setting your clear expectations, with our subscription packages you will get:

  • A preliminary defined pack of services, which you can always expand;
  • Annual service with no fee changes during peak periods;
  • A predictable monthly income which can allow you to make your planning.

The table below presents our different service pack for our Airbnb PROPERTY MANAGEMENT services.

We charge 50% the size of the first rent for our MONTHLY RENTAL services.



  • Market research

  • Professional photographs

  • Installing a self-service check-in system

  • Initial professional cleaning

  • Setting up you Airbnb / account


of monthly income 

  • Customer communication

  • Ad optimization

  • Account maintenance


of monthly income 

  • Customer communication

  • Account maintenance

  • Checking-in via the self-service check-in system

  • Consumables service

* The package does not include a cleaning and laundry fee after each visit. These fees may be covered by the tourists.

**Additional fees may be negotiated individually since they are entirely personalized. The individual welcoming of guests upon guest arrival is charged with a flat rate of BGN 25 per person.

*** The packages does not include expenses which may be related to property maintenance and repair.

For further information or enquiries, please get in touch with us.

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