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The second largest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv, has always attracted tourists from the country and abroad with its unique charm of cultural density, multi-ethnic lifestyle patterns and unmistakable art atmosphere.

Known as the cultural capital of Bulgaria, recently Plovdiv conquered its place as a recognizable European destination by winning the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2019. Therefore, if you decide to invest in renting a property in Plovdiv, you will not be mistaken. You can always get in touch to support you in this undertaking!


Starting from the bustling shopping street Glavnata (The Main Street) and then going through the Plovdiv Roman Theatre (Theatre of Philippopolis) and the renewed art District of Kapana, everything in Plovdiv looks as if drawing the visitor to explore new cultural experiences.

Probably there is no other European city with that diverse adjacent cultural areas that one can visit at a day, although he may find them difficult to explore in detail. Preserved Roman ruins, romantic craft streets and early century architecture are just some aspects of the cultural richness, with which Plovdiv can embrace its visitor.

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That is why, our local guides are here at your guests’ disposal. Apart from learning the history of the place, with their help your guest will be also able to chat with the little shop owners, to choose a restaurant of their preference for lunch or dinner or to simply dive into the city’s nightlife. Should you be interested to find out more, please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry.

Setting apart its tourist potential, Plovdiv also is the lifestyle choice for many people, who have decided to continue their studies or career here. Exploring in detail the dynamics of these patterns, our rental services can make you happy while helping you find the right long-term tenant. Thus, you will enjoy the comfort of a regular monthly income by establishing a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.


Pretty much like in every other city, the apartments located at the Plovdiv’s central quarter and those in the districts differ by the location they offer. While the center is often preferred due to its proximity to the city landmarks, events such as student campaigns or the regular exhibitions at the International Plovdiv Fair can easily increase the attractiveness of properties in other parts of the city.

Our services aim at highlighting the benefits your visitor would get when staying with you. Whether your property is located on the Maritsa’s bank or near Bunardzhika, when working with us you can find a trusted property consultant who takes into account the specifics of the place according to your tenant’s needs and preferences.

Plovdiv airport shuttle is part of the personalized services which we offer. Depending on your client’s needs, we can also offer transport to the other main airports of the country too.

We do have requirements concerning your recent flat refurbishment. To find out more, please see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

We offer an overall service for launching and managing your short and long-term rentals. For further details, please see sections PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & MONTHLY RENTS.