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Sofia is the best-known Bulgarian city among the foreign tourists in the country. It also is the most popular Bulgarian destination on the Airbnb platform. Sofia’s rich cultural and business program, as well as its highly attractive night life add to this fame on their own.

Having been the center of the Balkans for centuries, Sofia displays rich history, diverse religious temples and world landmarks. In Sofia you can see samples of all historical layers from the early Christian period to modern times, which in itself is unique worldwide.

Do you have a free apartment at Sofia city center or in its districts? Rent it short or long-term by contacting us for assistance.


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In Sofia, the tourist could easily stumble upon the St. Alexander Nevsky’s Cathdral, Largoto or the Rotunda, but he would also that easily miss the history of the triangle of tolerance around, for example, the new Museum of History of Sofia or the Zhenski Pazar (The Women’s Market).

Year-round festivals and events in the city perfectly complement the popular entertainment venues. With us your guest can easily live the atmosphere of Vitosha Boulevard’s cafes and restaurants, the hidden sites in the alleys around, the art spaces around the Shishman Street, the live-music clubs, the world-star concerts and music tours, international sporting events, and many others. We can also easily help your guest arrange a local trip to Vitosha Mountain, Iskar Reservoir or the Boyana Church, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

When renting a place long-term on the other hand, both you and your tenant need to make a thoughtful decision. Helping you for your rentals, we guarantee that we will make the best match between your expectations and that of your potential tenant. Simultaneously, we strive to protect your interests in the long term.


Indeed, there is some difference between renting a place at the center of the capital city or in any of its neighborhoods like Geo Milev or Mladost. Often, besides the center, the contemporary traveler is looking for an opportunity to dive directly into the casual city life. Thus, he would be interested in going shopping to the open market for example or in discovering the mountain view of Vitosha Mountain himself. Should you be willing to learn more about how to attract tourists or tenants to your place, do not hesitate to contact us.

Concerning the difference among Sofia’s districts and the dynamics of the property market, our team is always here to help. We would gladly assist you in anything else that could improve your experience of hosting foreign visitors – from providing a midnight airport shuttle to your guests to their personal welcoming upon arrival.

Generally, yes. Nevertheless, we prefer that your flat is located on a well-connected place so that it is easily accessible by the metro lines and the public transport.

We do have requirements concerning your recent flat refurbishment. To find out more, please see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

We offer an overall service for launching and managing your short and long-term rentals. For further details, please see sections PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & MONTHLY RENTS.