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Known as the city of the lime trees, Stara Zagora is ready to welcome its visitors with a specific mix of opportunities for a green city holiday and a rich historical and nature visit. Stara Zagora is famous for its ancient history, one of the four opera houses in Bulgaria, its brewery, nine parks and like-named mineral baths.

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In Stara Zagora the tourist can find one of the biggest historical museums in Europe. The huge modern building of the Regional History Museum impresses with its collection of eras, historical layers and exhibits. A visit to the museum can be complemented by dropping by at the adjacent Art Gallery – one of the cultural centers in the country.

Only in Stara Zagora the tourist can visit the only Beer Museum in Bulgaria. He can also choose to take part in a beer tasting visit at the “Zagorka” Brewery. Although the Information Center here is always ready to welcome the curious visitor, we can further assist you with a full local guiding service in English.

Our good knowledge of the city and its entertainment venues, pubs and restaurants ensure that your foreign guest’s stay will be as enjoyable as possible. We are also open to considering your clients’ personal interests and desires.

Having us at your service, you could easily assist your guest with a transport for a relaxing spa day at the Stara Zagora’s mineral baths. You can also recommend him a walking tour in the mountains, which we will be happy to arrange. We are also here at your disposal for a shuttle to the main airports in the country.

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Stara Zagora also is an attractive destination for many students, workers or professionals who stay in a rented accommodation. In this respect, our monthly rental services can help you meet your preferred type of tenant. Naturally, we are cherished for helping tenants find their desired home.


Irrespective of whether your apartment is located in the city center, the parks or in the other districts of the city, we always add value to your property by promoting it as an attractive place to stay in.

Although the center naturally is one of the most desired locations, the contemporary Airbnb users are increasingly more often looking for a calmer alternative, which can help them experience their stay as part of the local community.

The tranquility of the local neighborhood, in contrast to the busy boulevard, is also a priority for many working people.

Although we do not have independent translation services, we can always assist you in the organizational issues concerning a foreign visit to your property. You can use an English-speaking member of our team as a supporting personalized service.

We do have requirements concerning your recent flat refurbishment. To find out more, please see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

We offer an overall service for launching and managing your short and long-term rentals. For further details, please see sections PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & MONTHLY RENTS.