Both short-term and monthly rentals will inevitably lead to raising your income over time. In order to ensure the sustainability of your long-term rentals however, you will need to face your tenants’ expectation’s and to manage your property well.

The good news about these requirements is that HOMDY can help you master both. On the one hand, our monthly rental service will free you from your landlord commitments, whereas on the other – we will take care of your tenants’ requirements for staying with your place (See also PROPERTY MANAGEMENT).

Despite the fact that long-term rental is a far more established business model, it can have its challenges and burdens too. Finding your ideal tenant and establishing a long-term relation with him are part of those. The accommodation market in the big city – yet another.

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How do the two models compare and differ from one another?
Take a look at our comparison table which can help make your informed choice.



  • Ensures cash flow all over the month
  • Generates better income when sufficiently high occupancy
  • The owner has access to his property
  • Has lower wear and tear of the property
  • The AIRBNB business raises the price of the property
  • Is suitable for property purchase with investment purpose
  • Part of the new shared economy


  • Ensures regular monthly income
  • Gives fixed but stable monthly income
  • The owner has no access to his property
  • Has current wear and tear of the property
  • Usually generates good income in the long term due to the increase of monthly rents
  • Is suitable for complementing monthly income
  • Part of the traditional economy

Irrespective of the model chosen, our HOMDY experts can ensure the comfort of your regular income in the long term with no extra stress or burden.

And yet, if you would like to take part in the rental market in Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora or Burgas but you still wonder whether you can make better income via Airbnb, schedule a consultation with us by sending us your inquiry.

Your partnership with HOMDY could help you raise your long-term rental undertaking on a different level. It can further reduce your burden as a landlord and will ensure the best of your earnings. For further information, please take a look at our FAQs.

The HOMDY long-term rental services will enable you to:

  • Ensure long-term relationships with your tenants;
  • Keep yourself informed about rent fluctuations;
  • Update your rental agreements;
  • Check your utility bills;
  • Communicate with the house managers, if you rent a flat;
  • Organize your current maintenance and repair;
  • Implement your organizational and communication issues, etc.
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